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Stage One is.

Stage one is a multi talented, multi tasking group of creatives who are dedicated to enriching culture through the arts in Beijing. We are passionate about building bridges between different expressions of art and society.

We are excited about innovation and pressing beyond what seems impossible. We love working with charities and know the power and reward of reaching out beyond our own needs. We love seeing the beauty and recognizing the cool factor that already exists everywhere around us, as well as inventing our own.

We love China and the palette of intensity, growth, and randomness that color its city streets everyday.We are big picture visionaries and logistical architects. We are creative problem solvers who love to live on the cutting edge. We are flexible, easy to work with and excited to create win win situations for everyone that is involved with all we do. We are always on the lookout for interesting projects.

Big or small, high or low budgets. What kind of project do you have in mind? What kind of event? What kind of performance. What kind of message. From Artistic expression to just plain fun… Stage one is here to help build a platform for artists and creative events in Beijing.

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